I am a mummy of 3 amazing kids, boy and girls twin and world-renowned artist recognised for my beautifully abstract paintings. My words appear to whisper to you from each canvas creating joy, love and awarness within this world. I use variety of mediums, from acrylic to oil pastel with wood and paper to passionately create dynamic and individual compositions. I love the feeling of colours touching each other and how they magically play together. My paintings are full of life, shining like a rainbow into space. I have a truly tactile approach to my work. I use diffrent tools, including my hands, which brings me a true connection to each piece. I love this diversity and this make each work unique and original. From each of my creations you can feel a connection to nature and it's energy. Every piece of work has its own story, it's own essence and helps to create positive changes in poeple's lives and the space they inhabit. 


March 2016, Fun Fubric, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

April 2017, Spring Salon of Art, Centre of Koloman Sokol Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

May  2017, OC JASNA, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

August 2017, Kafe Scherz, Bratislava, Slovakia

September 2017, Lift Art Gallery, virtual exhibition

October 2017, Art Salone Prague, Czech Republic

November 2017, Showroom Bighome, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia,

Marec 2018, Sykora Home Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

May 2018, Stop Shop, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, 

September 2018, Prague, Holešovice, Czech Republic

October 2018, Chealsea Old Town Hall, London, UK

December 2018, Digital exhibition, Red Dot Miami, USA

March 2019, Liberec, OC FORUM, Czech Republic

April 2019, Galeria Hotel Bešenová, Slovakia

April 2019, Porto Sant Elpidio, Italy

May 2019, Sykora Home Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

June 2019, Biennale Mantova, Italy

August 2019, Artexpo Zurich, Switzerland

September 2019, Yacht Show, Monaco

December 2019, Artbasel artweeks, Miami, Florida

March 2020, Rossocinabro Gallery, Roma, Italy

Januar 2021, Artbox Project, Zurich, Switzerland